Never met Helena
Stolen soul
Just imagine
That beautiful girl
Like a pearl
Curly hair
Her death
Wasn’t fair
Just imagine
What happened?

She was kidnapped
They looked for her on a map
She was like a doll
That beautiful girl
Like a pearl
But a mystery
Strange how I love her
Even though I never met her

Coffe & Cigarrattes

For my grandmother, Dorita:

The smell
Taking me back
The taste
Keeping me here
On time
Thoughts and memories
Running through
My mind
Passing by
My eyes
The clock
On the back
Deep down
A cup
With ashes
On it’s side
The stars
Too high
Her brown
Green eyes


Valeria Aguilar

¡Hola! Soy Valeria Aguilar y estoy en quinto bachillerato. Empecé a escribir en 2016 tanto en ingles como en español; escribir me ayuda a expresar mis sentimientos y pensamientos. Desde pequeña me encanta leer. Una de mis pasiones son la moda y la música, que no pueden faltar en mi vida.

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