It’s been a year since Jonas disappeared and since the pilots stopped looking for him, Asher believes they should have looked for him much longer, since he left, Asher felt something strange in his chest, a strange feeling, as if something was missing.

He also doesn’t believe his friend disappeared in the river, Jonas could swim, it didn’t make sense, Asher had this feeling that something else had happened.

Asher was going straight to the river, just to see how everything was and to see if he could solve some doubts about Jonas, he had already finished his working hours, so there wasn’t much of a problem, he could stay out longer.

When he arrived there was no one there, not a single bicycle, not a single boy playing with his friends, so he could walk for a while alone, there was nothing strange, he expected it after all the security guards had already searched there in case there was something about Jonas.

After a while, Asher got tired and thought about resting on a rock while he looked at the beautiful place. The water had a very light tone, almost as if it was not there, the grass was a little darker, not as dark as the trunk of the few trees that were there, the trunks of the trees were very dark.

A leaf fell on the boy’s shoulder and he picked it up for a closer look. The leaf was a light shade, there were a few slightly darker lines running down the center of the leaf. The rock he was sitting on, compared to the leaf, the rock was a much darker shade.

He had never been interested in seeing things that way, they were usually just there and that was it, he didn’t care to see their shape or the details they had, and he didn’t rest much either, he liked to be awake all the time, something the Elders didn’t like very much.

Asher was going to get up, but the rock was a little wet so he slipped backward and fell behind some bushes. “Ouch,” Asher groaned as he touched his head, but when he turned around he saw something strange.

The land had the mark of a bicycle, but it was an old mark, it had not been erased because the rock had not let the water pass through it and erased it.

Each bicycle had a different shape on the wheels, and each person’s wheels had their object of comfort, those were… What were they called? Asher stopped to think for a while, he remembered that from somewhere.

And then he remembered, “a rabbit.” That he had seen on the wheels of Jonas’ father’s bicycle. Asher’s breath quickened, he had heard a security guard saying that Jonas had grabbed his father’s bike that day, but that bike had probably also fallen into the river and was never found.

The bikes had each person’s comfort object as a design somewhere, and although many had the same comfort object, each bike had a different design, his design was that of a badger but that one had the same design he had seen on his friend’s father’s bike, Asher followed the trail until he realized that these never stopped.

Asher would have followed the mark, but it was too late, and that was a problem, the boy got on his bike to quickly get home, where he found his parents and 2 security guards.

“Could you give us an explanation as to why you weren’t here?” Asher was about to explain everything, but something told him not to. “I fell off my bike near the river,” his hands started to shake, “I apologize, I worried you.”

The security guards walked away and his parents looked at Asher in annoyance, Asher went up to his room and sat on his bed. He felt uncomfortable and scared, he didn’t know why he had lied.

He had broken a rule, a simple rule, he could have said what he saw, but he didn’t. Why? Asher saw his hands shaking, it wasn’t right, but he felt he had to, he felt he didn’t have to say what he had seen, or something was going to happen.

The next day he went to his job, hoping to finish his work hours quickly, when they were finally done, Asher hurried to the river and looked for the bike’s markings “Where is it, where is it?”

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Victoria Motta

Mi nombre es Victoria Motta, soy una estudiante de tercero básico y tengo 15 años. Desde que tenía 13 o 14 años, empecé a escribir, y es algo que disfruto mucho hacer. La mayor parte del tiempo, cuando estoy en casa, me la paso escribiendo. La ficción es lo que más me llama la atención, ya que siento que es algo que ayuda mucho con la imaginación y te hace tomar perspectivas diferentes, por más imposibles que parezcan.
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