Death lingers in souls as a marauder.
God has ceased to be an affirmation, 
He is now reduced to mere hope. 
In order to live one must forget.
The profane deity,
           Man-made and therefore rotten
           To the very core, Love,
Cannot possibly have a meaning by itself.
Just serves to show how humanity foolishly concerns itself
With the damned ephemeral.
Having held nothing sacred,
I find myself gone,
Blurred in frail minds and feeble hearts.
No fallacious verdict of life may reach me.
Searching for truth rather than comfort,
I have obtained desolate damnation.
I reject this absurdity. 
I give it all back. 
My corpse shall be consumed by decadence,
For it was the only thing residing in my heart. 
And my blood will trickle over flowery lawns, 
For I always managed to spoil the divine.
I shall be dead by dawn, 
Proving that it will simply make no difference,
For I will be mourned but a few weeks.
Life goes on for the blind.
La imagen de la portada es una pintura de Jana Heidersdorf tomada de


Isabella Motta

Mi nombre es Isabella Motta. Me encuentro sumamente apasionada por la lectura y escritura; es por eso que nació en mí el deseo de formar parte de un proyecto tan grande como el capirucho en mi último año escolar. Espero que mis palabras puedan llegar a sus corazones.
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