Colegio Internacional Montessori (CIM) is a private, bilingual school enrolling students from Kindergarten through Grade 12. It offers instructions in both English and Spanish. The school opened its doors in 1984 and graduated its first senior class in 1995. CIM offers a high quality education based on the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori, which provides students with life skills and prepares them to become world citizens.

CIM is located in an important commerce and residential area in Santa Catarina Pinula, Guatemala City. The school has a 17.27-acres extension surrounded by forests and clean air. The campus design responds to the “Montessori” concept of a “prepared ambience”, integrating the philosophy and architecture for the benefit of its students.


Ethical young adults who accept their responsibility in life and possess moral, social, and personal values as well as the necessary tools to act positively and creatively in a multi-cultural and changing world.


Educate our students through the integration of high academic standards and moral values in order for them to successfully face their aspirations in life, the challenges of higher education, and the demands of society.

Academic Administrative Staff:

General Director – Ana María Ricica de

Co-Director – Coralia Asturias de

Assistant Principal – María del Carmen Flores de

High School Coordinator – Diana de

Middle School Coordinator – Mónica Arriola Romá

AP Coordinator / College Counselor – Ana Paola

College Counselor – Lucia


High school students
AP Program

Schooling years:

Academic Program:

The “Bachillerato” program is the required curriculum for those who wish to further their education at a university level. All students earning the “Bachillerato en Ciencias y Letras” diploma are required to pass ALL courses in the curriculum. This course list is an extensive one that leaves no room for elective classes, although there are “Advanced Placement” classes in the program. Graduates of the “Bachillerato” program are well prepared to study at a university level, whether choosing a major in the area of humanities or science and mathematics. At the secondary level, students receive instruction in English in the areas of Literature, which includes Grammar & Composition. In the courses of Mathematics and Science, students use textbooks and materials published in the United States of America. Courses taught in Spanish include Literature & Composition, Social Studies, Art & Art History, Music, and Physical Education.

AP Program:

Since 2019 AP courses are available to students in 11th and 12th grade upon prerequisite completion and teacher recommendation. Students can choose three upon faculty permission. Honors courses are available to students in 10th and 11th grade in the Mathematics and English Department.

Calculus AB


English Literature and Composition

2-D Art and Design


Grading System:

The grading system used by the Ministry of Education in Guatemala is numerical, using averages calculated over 100%, with 60% being the required minimum for passing. Students may not continue to the next grade level unless they have passed all of their courses with a minimum of 60%.

For college application outside of Guatemala, an unweighted and weighted grade point average (GPA) is calculated. The GPA is the cumulative average of all courses from grade 9-12. Our school does not rank students. The weighted GPA reflects an additional 10 points per AP course. Grades are recorded each bimester from January to october.

Cumulative Distribution
Class of 2022:
(78 students)

University Acceptance Sampling (2014-2022): Nearly 100% of graduates attend a 4-year university; 90% apply and are accepted to top universities in Guatemala


Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, Universidad Rafael Landívar, Universidad del Istmo, Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala (State university)


Syracuse University NY*, The University of Texas at Austin*, Louisiana State University*, University of Chicago*, Virginia Tech*, Texas A&M*, Pennsylvania State University*, Universidad de Navarra (Spain)* , Universidad Anáhuac (México)*, Tecnológico de Monterrey (México)*, John Hopkins, SCAD, Georgia Institute of Technology, Purdue, Berkely, University of Lousiana,, Tulane, SMU, University of Florida, Fordham University, Tufts University, Suffolk University, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Loyola University of Chicago, Penn State, Columbia University, Istituto Europeo di Design, ESADE Business School, Universidad Panamericana México, Liberty University, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, NYU Abu Dhabi, Universidad Católica de Valencia, Tilburg University, The Netherlands, Hofsfra University NY, Universidad Europea del Atlántico en Santander, España, Northeastern University, MSU, Notre Dame University.

Km. 13.5 Carretera a El Salvador, Puerta Parada, zona 7, Santa Catarina Pinula, Guatemala

(502) 6628 1200