Why? Is the only question on my mind.
Thinking of the broken,
Only one may survive.
Going away is my thought.
Escaping to survive,
Demons surround us.
You will know until it is too late.
Let us die with sorrow
So one might get away.


Your lips
A rose in her voice
Stood by the window
Why not give up?

The choice

So it’s time to say goodbye.
Time to leave.
Time to die.
I will miss you,
Never forget.
One can disappear,
Be forgotten;
But this is not the case.
A choice to be made.
One can learn.
An open wound will be there.
Memories are meant to be forgotten.
Love may hurt,
Life can die,
But one can stay.
You decide.


Valeria Aguilar

¡Hola! Soy Valeria Aguilar y estoy en quinto bachillerato. Empecé a escribir en 2016 tanto en ingles como en español; escribir me ayuda a expresar mis sentimientos y pensamientos. Desde pequeña me encanta leer. Una de mis pasiones son la moda y la música, que no pueden faltar en mi vida.

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